Publicado el 23/03/2020

Gymkana 4 Cultures Bilingues

Activity: Gymkana 4 cultures Bilingues

Learn by playing

Place: Córdoba capital


Duration: 3 h

Directed: To different Educational Cycles, Agencies.


Meeting points: Calahorra Tower
Information and reservations at: // 672213883


Includes:  Specialized Monitor and Materials

Description 4 Cultures:

No less than four essential figures from four different cultures were born in Córdoba: Seneca the great Roman Stoic philosopher, Osius the author of the Christian Creed of Nicaea, Averroes the last Muslim philosopher and Maimonides the last Jewish philosopher. In this Gymkana we will see aspects important of how each Culture has influenced the future of our beloved city. In a playful way, we will take a tour of the Historic District. Teams must compete with a test at each stop. A fun and dynamic way to learn by playing.